The Work with the Codes of the Goddess is performed with the help of the Beloved Teacher Mary Magdalene, in deep connection with the energy of Mother Gaia..

Mother Gaia is the Goddess energy. It is the divine power of life and creation, the feminine aspect of God revealed through the consciousness of Mother Gaia and all life everywhere.

By working with the Codes of the Goddess you will be aligning from your heart to the deep connection to Mother Gaia and the beings of nature. All life is part of the Mother, she is the energy of the Goddess. Being in the flowers where we find the energy of the Goddess in its purest state through its sacred geometric language..


Working with the Code of the Goddess helps us to :

• Align the male and female energies of our Heart.

• Healing in our DNA Feminine energy, awakening your sacred power through the Heart.

• Healing in our DNA the separation consciousness from our Twin Flame .

•  Realign to the Sacred Sexuallity.

• Awaken within us the creative energy and momentum of life.




Rainbow Crystal ® System has been made available in an open and free way to all beings that resonate with this frequency. Each one of you can align with the frequency of Cetaceans and the Codes of Light through the heart and pure intent and thus, receive the Alignments for the Rainbow Crystal ® System through your own connection to the infinite flow of life. Or work with them individually.

This is a work that has been made available to all in Love. You are free to share it with other people, yet , it is important to preserve the original source and purity of intention with which you have received this job , therefore I ask that if you share it, do not change their content and always mention the source from you got the information, and so the message reaches people in an ethical and respectful.

The universe is governed by very simple laws of ethics and respect. Any alteration or omission that you make to this material completely nullifies their functioning in people who receive it. Codes of Light are alive and intelligent energy that remain in flow through clean channels of pure Light, integrity and ethics that act from love. That is why any misuse that is made to the present material, so as to take it and use it for profit without having received prior authorization of the author, completely nullifies their functioning. The law of cause and effect is always in motion! Keep that in mind! act with ethics and respect enables you to attract higher frequencies of love into your life.

This material is protected by physical and earthly laws of copyright, as well as the universal laws of ethics and respect.

Thank You for alingning to this frequency.

If, after reading this information and working with the material that I put at your disposal, you have questions or wish to receive advice or tips for working with the Codes of Light Quantum Holoforms Rainbow Crystal, Codes of the Goddess and Codes Active Chakra, send me a message here! I'll be glad to meet you!

in Love , KAI